Meek's recent work includes 3212 Un-Redacted, a feature-length Hulu documentary revealing how the Pentagon covered up a botched 2017 mission in Niger, West Africa, in which four Green Berets were killed by ISIS insurgents.

Meek previewed the book on social media and the first sentence on its jacket read: 'In April, ABC News correspondent James Gordon Meek got an urgent call from a Special Forces operator serving overseas.'

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Those hot-button topics include 'the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic and the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines, Gadgetinku racial justice, US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the nature of US support to Ukraine,' according to a draft copy of DHS's Quadrennial Homeland Security Review cited in the report.

He served as senior counterterrorism advisor to the chairman of the US House Homeland Security committee before joining Disney-owned ABC in 2013 where his team won an Emmy for their documentary on the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando.

The suit alleges that the Biden administration actively worked with social media companies and encouraged them to censor 'disfavored' viewpoints and speakers in violation of the First Amendment rights of those individuals. 

'Most of the dead are children at the school and our sympathies go to the parents,' Internal Affairs Minister General Kahinda Otafiire said, adding that the school has been cordoned off as a 'crime scene' and vowing there would be a full investigation.

'While the department cannot speak to any specific case or activity, the Department strictly adheres to the Attorney General's July 2021 memorandum prohibiting the use of compulsory process with regards to members of the news media acting within the scope of newsgathering activities,' she told the Daily Beast.  

'When the border crisis is reaching record-breaking levels daily, cyber-attacks from adversaries are threatening to cripple our critical infrastructure, the rise in violent crime is putting Americans across the country in danger, and disrupted supply chains are having devastating impacts on Americans, DHS cannot seem to let go of the desire to police Americans' free speech. 

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Meek built his reputation at the New York Daily News where his five-year investigation forced military brass to admit that Army Private First Class David Sharrett II was shot by his own commanding officer.

The East African nation has suffered a string of deadly school fires in recent years, a cause of concern for education officials in a country where classrooms and dormitories are often crowded, and there's usually no firefighting equipment in place. 

'The cause of the fire is currently unknown but so far 11 deaths as a result of the fire have been confirmed while six are in critical condition and admitted (to hospital),' the Ugandan Police Force said on Twitter.

Parents gather at the Herona hospital where injured students receive treatment following a fire in a dormitory building at the Salama School for the Blind at the Herona Hospital in Kisoga Town, near Kampala, Uganda October 25, 2022

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'James is known for news scoops such as the killing of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the hostage rescue of an American in Nigeria, as well as his deep dive investigations of friendly fire incidents, military cover-ups and cases of Americans held hostage by terrorist groups and rogue regimes.'

The magazine alleged that agents spent ten minutes inside Meek's top-floor pad and found a laptop containing classified information, citing 'sources familiar with the matter' - but friends and former colleagues of the popular, well-regarded reporter say that doesn't add up.