My favorite item on sale is Amazon's for $29 (save $13). If you get this jacket, you can expect a thin jacket that dries quickly and has enough space to layer additional clothing under. And men can get their

With all the incredible deals on fashion during Amazon's Early Access days, one brand you should check out is Amazon's own brand. I'm familiar with Amazon Essentials -- you could even call me an Amazon Essentials connoisseur -- and the clothes are the real deal. Right now, you can get up to

Daily Ritual teddy bear fleece oversized-fit lapel jacket for $42 (save $18) that comes in 11 colors from dusty rose to black. And men who need a sweater should snag this for $21 that works inside and outside the office. If you are searching for additional office clothes, women can get a v-neck sweater for the low price of $17. 

While Sports Interactive are not handing out free suits right now, they are instead filling gaps elsewhere.

The Champions League anthem is now in the game, along with the famous image of players walking out to the competition's logo being displayed in the centre-circle. Doesn't matter how many times you have heard or seen either - it never gets old does it? We dare you to skip it.

If you are going to criticise Football Manager, it's that there is still a little bit of a 'spreadsheet' element to the game. By that I mean, the presentation has seemed clunky, and not that eye-catching. Just names, numbers and slight colour differences to distinguish teams from teams.

Protests ignited by the death in police custody of Mahsa Amini on Sept.

16 after her arrest for inappropriate attire have shaken Iran's clerical establishment with people from all layers of society demanding wholesale political change.

It follows an announcement last week that EE, which is owned by BT, would start offering customers cyber and home security packages through a partnership with antivirus firm Norton and alarm system group Verisure. 

Plans for EE's expansion come ahead of BT's half-year results this Thursday, with many investors looking to see how the FTSE100 firm is holding up amid fears the cost-of-living squeeze will cause customers to cut back on internet and phone plans. 

Nest Wifi

A solid Wi-Fi 5 system with built-in smart speakers

Three years after it was first released, the Nest Wifi mesh router remains a solid choice to run your home network, though the lack of support for Wi-Fi 6 makes it somewhat dated at this point. The system features separate router and extender devices. You'll start by connecting the router to your modem -- from there, you'll wirelessly connect the extenders (or "Points," as Nest terms them) to spread a stronger, faster Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. You'll be spreading the Google Assistant's footprint throughout your home, too, as each extender features a built-in smart speaker that lets you play music, hear the day's weather forecast or control your smart home devices with a simple voice command. .

22 that went viral on social media showed a dozen riot police beating a man at night on a street in southern Tehran. One of the officers on a motorbike ran him over then another shot him at close range. Reuters could not verify the authenticity of the footage.

As for the original Nest Wifi, we haven't tested it on a gigabit network, so our test data isn't directly comparable, but it was one of our top performers during previous rounds of tests on a 300Mbps network. It showed the same impressive stability as the Nest Wifi Pro, but would likely be noticeably slower on a faster network like the gigabit connection we're currently running tests on.

DUBAI, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Videos on social media showing Iranian security forces severely beating protesters have gone viral as anger grows at a widening crackdown with arrests of prominent figures from rappers to economists and lawyers aimed at ending seven weeks of unrest.

All of that said, the Nest Wifi Pro's speeds didn't exactly wow us when we tested the system out on a gigabit network. Running speed tests across five rooms in a 1,350-square-foot test environment, the system returned overall average download speeds of 482 megabits per second to a Wi-Fi 6 laptop, and 524Mbps to a Wi-Fi 6E smartphone. Those speeds were incredibly stable and consistent across the entire test space, jiangzuo888.Com but they were beat out by other Wi-Fi 6E systems in the same tests, including the similarly specced Eero Pro 6E, which returned average Wi-Fi 6 downloads of 586Mbps and average Wi-Fi 6E downloads of 708Mbps. Granted, that system costs more than the Nest Wifi Pro, but still, it would have been nice to have seen faster speeds for a brand-new, high-profile system, especially over Wi-Fi 6E.

'Never seen a more stupid decision': Fans slam Graham Potter... 'Never seen a more stupid decision': Fans slam Graham Potter... Christian Pulisic is benched AGAIN by Chelsea boss Graham... Christian Pulisic is benched AGAIN by Chelsea boss Graham...


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