It's important to say there is a paucity of scientific evidence in this area.

Before NHS doctors can recommend treatment, they need to have gone through large controlled clinical trials. No specific long Covid therapy has met this bar, so far.

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At-home speed tests Router manufacturers make a lot of big claims about top speeds, many of which can be misleading or at least confusing when you're shopping for a new one. I'm more interested in knowing the ins and outs of how they'll perform in people's homes, where incoming speeds might be limited and multiple devices might be competing for bandwidth. 

How we test mesh Wi-Fi routers  After suspending most of our tests from the lab and the CNET Smart Home during 2020 and 2021, we're picking up where we left off in 2022. For starters, I'm running an entire, separate set of tests for every mesh router I review at the CNET Smart Home, a 5,400 square-foot multistory home located in the rural outskirts of Louisville, where we've got a fiber internet connection with upload and download speeds of up to 100Mbps.

Studies show almost one in five long Covid sufferers have persistent tension-like headaches.

It's still not clear why, but one theory is the immune system reacts to long Covid symptoms by repeatedly activating the trigeminal nerve in the head, triggering pain.

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The condition affects multiple organs and bodily systems, causing a huge variety of problems to varying degrees of severity and duration. Crucially, they vary from person to person, and are not likely to be consistent - they can come and go.

Without making an exhaustive list of all the 203 known symptoms, they include brain fog - also known as cognitive dysfunction - chest pains and Gadgetinku breathlessness, insomnia, palpitations, dizziness, joint pain, depression and anxiety, nausea and other distressing digestive issues, food intolerances and allergies, headaches, skin rashes, hair loss, menstrual changes, erectile dysfunction, incontinence, hallucinations… it goes on and on.

The drugs work by blocking the activity of histamine, a chemical released by the immune system. In some people, production can go haywire in response to certain substances - such as pollen - triggering unwanted symptoms.

Acer's Spin 513 is an update of sorts to one of the best Chromebooks from 2021, the Spin 713. It's a two-in-one convertible Chromebook with a 13.5-inch display that has a 3:2 aspect ratio. The extra vertical space means less scrolling when you're working. The screen size is also close to that of letter-size paper, making it comfortable for notetaking in tablet mode with a USI pen. Compared to the 713, it drops a couple of noncritical features like an HDMI output in favor of a more affordable price. It has amazing battery life, though, and a sturdy fanless design, making it silent -- perfect for quiet classrooms, Gadgetinku lectures or video calls.

The majority of our picks for the best college laptops run between $500 and $1,000. If you're looking for a more affordable laptop -- or if you're open to an alternative to Apple's MacOS and Microsoft Windows

 -- we recommend checking out the best Chromebooks for students

 (just make sure any software you need for classes is supported). On the flip side, if you're searching for a more powerful laptop, or a gaming laptop

that doubles as one for college, we have some suggestions for those, too. So if you're ready to upgrade your tech, keep reading our list of the best laptops for college.

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And the vast majority suffered only a mild initial Covid infection, not requiring hospitalisation. But for almost all who experience it - ‘long-haulers', as they are sometimes called - the illness impairs every aspect of life.

We're also planning to resume testing signal strength at the 5,800-square-foot CNET Smart Home this year after putting those tests on hold during the pandemic. Using NetSpot software, we're able to make a map showing the signal strength of each device in the mesh, which gives you a good indication of the system's range and the quality of the connection.

How long do mesh routers last?

A good router, mesh or otherwise, should last at least five years, if not longer. The key thing is to watch for regular firmware updates from the manufacturer to keep your network security up to date. If your router isn't receiving those, then it's probably a good idea to start looking for a new one.

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