Creating trend-driven products at an accessible price-point, the business was a instant success story with millennial consumers and later expanded into France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

"We expect AMD´s share gains to continue, as the company´s upcoming, next-generation server CPUs are expected to outperform Intel´s lineup across price and performance metrics," said Nathaniel Harmon, analyst at YipitData.

Utility costs tend to spike in the winter as you crank up that heat to stay nice and cosy. But heating your whole house or apartment can put a serious dent in your wallet, especially considering experts are predicting heating costs will rise 12% nationally this upcoming winter. That means it's important to save on bills where you can -- namely, saving on your water bill. 

Yes, little changes can make a big difference As you've probably noticed by now, the best ways to save on your water bill involve using less water and switching to more efficient appliances. From installing a faucet aerator to shortening your showers, each of these small changes will help you become smarter about your water usage -- which benefits your wallet and the planet.

Looking for a cheaper or DIY option? Add a weighted plastic bottle to your toilet tank. The idea is that the bottle will take up space in the tank that's usually filled with water, so less water is wasted with each flush. To do this, fill a half-gallon bottle with sand and place it inside the tank, making sure it sinks to the bottom. Replace the lid of the tank and flush as normal.

Reflecting recent non-recurring costs, volatile trading and an expectation of no near-term improvement in discretionary big-ticket demand nor in new customer acquisition, the group forecast a 15 per cent to 30 per cent fall in full-year gross sales.

'I hope that you will agree with me that the Government must make it clear to Twitter's new owners a digital P&O would not be acceptable and that no-one is above the law in the UK, including big tech barons.'

And public sector workers could face a 2 per cent cap on pay rises next year, far below the expected rate of inflation, as the government seeks to split the fiscal tightening between trimming spending and raising revenue.

While many staff appear to have already learned they no longer have a job when they woke up to find their computers had been wiped, workers received an email from Twitter's HR department on Saturday which said they had until 9am on Tuesday to nominate any current employee.

Whether you're concerned about the  or you're looking for ways to be more frugal, adjusting your water usage is a smart way to cut down on monthly expenses this winter. You can always set your thermostat to the right temperature, turn off the lights and unplug appliances, but cutting down on your water usage will provide another layer of energy savings. In this article, we'll explain how to change your habits to conserve water and save money.

' gathered momentum very quickly, but because we didn't anticipate such rapid growth, we made mistakes, mainly, we faced logistical challenges that came with growing the business so quickly,' he told Bayes Business School in London in 2017.



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Search for water leaks around the house If you've noticed any spikes on your water bill (but haven't changed your habits), a leak may be to blame. Before changing your water consumption habits or investing in new appliances, spend some time checking for leaks around the house. Look for puddles around your toilets, under sinks and the dishwasher, gadgetinku and around your washing machine. 

'When it first launched it was a hit because there was nothing quite like it and the consumer felt like they were their own interior designer with clever ways of visualising the product in your homes using quick and easy VR tools.'

But since leaving, the French entrepreneur has raised eyebrows with some of her other ventures, which last year included creating a 'First Time Sex Starter Kit' with her 16-year-old son to help teens lose their virginity. 

'The brand was my baby,' he told his 31,200 followers. 'It pains me to see that suddenly the lifeline of many (800!) employees and hundreds of suppliers - some of them have been with the business over a decade, is in jeopardy. I feel both powerless, having stepped down as CEO in 2017 - but also immensely frustrated as lawyers and the board has formally forbid me to even talk to any of them.

'12 years ago, my cofounders and Gadgetinku.Com I started a fledgling business on a shoestring in Nottinghill, with a simple idea of making high-end design accessible to everyone. The idea became a £430m business in sales last year.

You can save even more water on your showers by installing a water-efficient shower head. In fact, the EPA estimates that the average family can save $70 in annual water and energy costs by switching to a WaterSense-approved shower head.