Once outside she hailed her 'significant achievements' in a defiant valedictory address with little hint of emotion and no apology as she drew a line under a disastrous 49 days at the helm of the country.

nalys. Heading into the year-end holiday shopping season, "consumers who have been delaying purchases will expect steep discounts and bundling promotions as well as significant price reductions on older generation devices," said Canalys analyst Sanyam

But he is expected to find a big job for Bioimagingcore.be leadership rival Penny Mordaunt, as well as right-wingers such as Suella Braverman and Kemi Badenoch.

There could also be returns for Michael Gove, Dominic Raab, and former education secretary Gavin Williamson.

hike." Apple's share of the global smartphone market climbed to 18 percent in the recent quarter, compared with 15 percent in the same period a year ago, while the share of leading smartphone maker Samsung rose one percentage point to 22 percent, Canalys

It follows an announcement last week that EE, which is owned by BT, would start offering customers cyber and home security packages through a partnership with antivirus firm Norton and alarm system group Verisure. 

Plans for EE's expansion come ahead of BT's half-year results this Thursday, with many investors looking to see how the FTSE100 firm is holding up amid fears the cost-of-living squeeze will cause customers to cut back on internet and phone plans. 

A huge range of gizmos - from microwavable slippers to a heated desk - promise to keep home workers so toasty they won't need heating, and they can cost only pennies a day to run. Of course, you need to factor in the initial cost of the products when calculating possible savings.

Along with being the first physical redesigns in years, new device is also the first to feature Apple's new M2 chip that was just unveiled in June during a product event that launched new MacBook Air and Pro computers.

Spiralling energy prices will hit everyone hard - especially the army of people who now work from home and who face having to put the heating on all day to stop themselves shivering at their laptops as winter blows in.

But with no heating on, it is difficult to keep those cuppas warm. Enter the £29.99 Garmee mug-warmer from Amazon (tiny url.com/mugheater) - a mini hotplate that plugs into the mains and costs just 0.68p per hour. Even if you have it on for the entire working day, it won't cost more than 5p - cheaper than popping the kettle on. But a Thermos would be free…

The tech giant opted out of a live event and shared details of the iPad Pro on its website, highlighting that the tablet has 'the world's most advanced mobile display, pro cameras, Face ID, Thunderbolt, and a four-speaker audio system,' the reads.

To make myself extra snug, I plug in a heated seat pad, the velvety Dreamland Heated Multi Pad from John Lewis (tinyurl.com/heatedmultipad) and plonk myself down on it. And when my seat is warm enough, I lay the £39.99 pad over my lap while I type.

Any padded gilet will keep you warm, but this £52.99 garment takes it to another level of cosy, with two heated panels operated by a rechargeable power bank in a pocket (not included but costs about £15).

Apple also introduced a new iPad, starting at $499, with an all-screen design that places the front-facing camera to the longer side of the device and the lightning port at the more widely used USB-C connection.

'The performance of M2 turbocharges even the most demanding workflows, from photographers editing massive photo libraries and designers manipulating complex 3D objects, to healthcare professionals taking advanced imaging and analysis, to gamers enjoying graphics-intensive games,' Apple shared in the announcement.

Industry expert Paolo Pescatore, from PP Foresight, said the new devices were the latest example of Apple 'flexing its proven strategy of broadening the portfolio of devices in each segment to cater for everyone'.

I'm worried the surface of the desk might heat up too much and cause problems with my laptop. Thankfully, it doesn't: the heat is directed down on to my lower body - and it begins to feel very warm indeed.

The iPad Pro also delivers up to 35 percent faster graphics performance and includes a 16-core Neural Engine that can process 15.8 trillion operations per second, helping it keep up 'with the most demanding workflow.'

I was pleasantly surprised by the pretty pink-and-grey tweed of this £25 USB-powered scarf from Boots (tinyurl.com/heatedneckscarf), given the other heated garments I tried were hardly fashion-forward.

The iPad Pro also delivers up to 35 percent faster graphics performance and includes a 16-core Neural Engine that can process 15.8 trillion operations per second, helping it keep up 'with the most demanding workflow' 

The new 10.9-inch iPad, which also sees the home button replaced with a fingerprint reader, includes Apple's A14 Bionic chip that launched in 2020, and is available in four new colors: blue, pink, yellow and silver.