This thin, 3-pound convertible is a solid choice for anyone who needs a laptop for office or schoolwork. The all-metal chassis gives it a premium look and feel, and it has a comfortable keyboard and a responsive, smooth precision touchpad. Though it's light on extra features compared to its premium linemate, the Yoga 9i, it does have one of Lenovo's sliding shutters for its webcam that gives you privacy when you want it. And it has a long battery life to boot at 12 hours, 45 minutes in our tests. The latest version with 12th-gen Intel processors starts at less than $1,000. 

While dealing with a ghost boss can be tricky, it can also be an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership skills by taking charge of the situation and show initiative in running projects while your boss is nowhere to be found. 

While many staff appear to have already learned they no longer have a job when they woke up to find their computers had been wiped, workers received an email from Twitter's HR department on Saturday which said they had until 9am on Tuesday to nominate any current employee.

The new PM has vowed to appoint a Cabinet of 'all the talents' as he tries to foster party unity. He told MPs yesterday that he wanted his government to represent the 'views and opinions' from across the Conservative Party.

HP Pavilion Aero 13

Best small laptop under $1,000

HP packed a lot of value into the Aero 13: Eye-pleasing magnesium-aluminum chassis, strong processing performance, long battery life, a bright, colorful display and a weight of just 2 pounds (0.94 kilograms). Amazingly, with all that it offers though, it has a regular starting price of less than $700.

Keurig K-Classic: $100

Save $50

With a list price of $150, the K-classic falls between the K-Slim and K-Elite. It's single-cup brewer with size options of 6, 8 or 10 ounces, and with a 48-ounce tank, you can brew up to six cups before having to refill it. It also has a removable drip tray, so you can fit a travel mug of up to 7 inches for when you need to take your coffee on the go.

For example, sending a weekly written update at a time that suits you will help you to take back some agency and demonstrate that you're capable of being trusted to run projects, while also helping with your career development.

'He travelled the world, he had parents, sisters, a brother and friends that couldn't have loved him more! He could have you infuriated one minute and laughing the next with his dimples and soppy smile. 

Mr Sunak faces a £40bn black hole in the public finances amid speculation he could delay the Halloween Budget, while his new Cabinet must also deal with skyrocketing energy bills and soaring inflation that has left families struggling amid a cost-of-living crisis.

Which is better, MacOS or Windows?

Deciding between MacOS and Windows laptop for many people will come down to personal preference and budget. Apple's base model laptop, the M1 MacBook Air, starts at $999. You can sometimes find it discounted or you can get educational pricing from Apple and other retailers. But, in general, it'll be at least $1,000 for a new MacBook, and the prices just go up from there. 

She continued: 'With unwavering love, support and a commitment to himself, he took hold of life with both hands and smashed through any expectation we had of him. He would genuinely blow us all away at times!

Twitter employee Simon Balmain told Sky News: 'Late last night we all received an email saying there is going to be a large reduction in headcount and the email stated that if we would be laid off, it would go to our personal email and if not to our work email.

'The things so many take for granted were your biggest dreams and now it's all coming true for you! I'm so thrilled for you! Enjoy your day with Jay and Happy Birthday Darling, here's to your best year yet!'

Keurig K-Select: $105

Save $35

The K-Select is a slightly more versatile version of the K-Classic below. It allows you to input your own cup size, rather than choose from preset options, as well as adjust the strength of your coffee. It has a 52-ounce reservoir so it can brew up to five cups before needing a refill, and it has an auto shut-off function in case you forget to switch it off on your way out the door in the morning. 

'Martine has been there though out my life and seen me grow into the person I am today. I have struggles with life with and my special needs but I've overcome the obstacles I have faced throughout my years. 

She said the website designer had been due to get married to his fiancée Jay Eaton, 49, in a month's time and Martine, who was going to be bridesmaid, had seen her brother just a few days before he had died. 

It's possible that there's an external source, such as a client or senior stakeholder, who is moving the goalposts while your manager tries to keep up, so understanding their perspective can help realign your common goals.