The damning file said the bureau is 'rotted at its core,' manipulated domestic violent extremism statistics for political purposes and downplayed investigations and 'serious allegations of wrongdoing' leveled at Hunter Biden.

The East African nation has suffered a string of deadly school fires in recent years, a cause of concern for education officials in a country where classrooms and dormitories are often crowded, and there's usually no firefighting equipment in place. 

Apparently (according to the Waste and Resources Action Programme, or WRAP), the clothes in the average UK wardrobe are worth around £4,000 and yet a third of the items have not been worn for at least a year.

'I didn't know who I was sober': Trinny Woodall reveals... Trinny Woodall dazzles in a longline sequinned blazer and... 'It's got something Western about it!' Trinny Woodall, 58,... 'You look amazing': Trinny Woodall, 58, showcases her...

It details Republican Senator Chuck Grassley's revelation that agent Tim Thibault as part of a ''scheme' to discredit derogatory' information on President Joe Biden's son, and caused allegations from the laptop to be 'falsely' labelled as 'disinformation'

There's also Bluetooth connectivity for each of the televisions in this social space, so it's entirely possible to grab four friends and watch a movie, if the Upper Class seat ever gets boring - though I don't see how it could.

He then took up a place at Lincoln College, Oxford, gaining a first-class degree in philosophy, politics and economics and was regarded by peers as a somewhat nerdy teetotaller whose party trick was performing karaoke to Ice Ice Baby, the 1990 club anthem by Vanilla Ice.

In fact, we are the first major European country to be led by a non-white politician. And one of the few Western democracies where a Hindu, who takes his parliamentary oath on the sacred Sanskrit text, the Bhagavad Gita, could harbour the slightest hope of being able to run a Government.

'I want to be 80 running up the hill and I want to help women appreciate the whole holistic approach while reducing our sugar levels because the inflammatory markers are the basis of many serious illnesses,' she said. 

Shortly afterwards, the couple moved to Santa Monica, a beachside suburb of Los Angeles where Rishi (who had by then spent a few lucrative years working in hedge funds) helped set up an investment firm called Theleme Partners.

That's because the main 'Upper Class' seat most guests will find themselves in is not technically 'new' to the flying market, with a similar iteration being flown by Delta. Can a seat that's already flying truly be special?

Parents gather at the Herona hospital where injured students receive treatment following a fire in a dormitory building at the Salama School for the Blind at the Herona Hospital in Kisoga Town, near Kampala, Uganda October 25, 2022

The report was created without the help of the Democrats on the committee, which are the majority party, and was released four days before the midterm elections and signals that the GOP will target the bureau if they retake the majority in the House. 

It details Republican Senator Chuck Grassley's revelation that agent Tim Thibault as part of a 'scheme' to discredit derogatory' information on President Joe Biden's son, and http://abrek.Org caused allegations from the laptop to be 'falsely' labelled as 'disinformation'.

'The cause of the fire is currently unknown but so far 11 deaths as a result of the fire have been confirmed while six are in critical condition and admitted (to hospital),' the Ugandan Police Force said on Twitter.

'Most of the dead are children at the school and our sympathies go to the parents,' Internal Affairs Minister General Kahinda Otafiire said, adding that the school has been cordoned off as a 'crime scene' and vowing there would be a full investigation.

So at least once a year I have a huge cull of all the clutter. Then I sort it into piles of things I want to keep and things I want to sell. The fun is seeing how much money I can make out of all the cast-offs.

In a way that few know how to do better, Virgin Atlantic found a way to make this A330neo Upper Class experience incredibly exciting and new, even for one of those grumpy frequent flyers like myself, who crosses the pond every couple of weeks.

Virgin doesn't fly to Doha or Tokyo, and those are the only two places where home airlines may offer a superior business-class experience, with the Qsuite from Qatar Airways and 'The Room' by All Nippon Airways remaining tough to dislodge from the top spot.

I started it because I had very, very bad forehead movement when I started in TV and I have a deep forehead. Back then Botox was embryonic but I thought "why not?". I'm now 58 and I never got lines on my forehead as a result,' she has said. 

And with the privacy door closed and 'Do Not Disturb' engaged, this is as peaceful as commercial business class travel gets, aided by the A330neo being noticeably quieter in the air (while using 25 per cent less fuel).