Verse 1: Whispers in the night, a melody of spring rain, Rhythms on the windshield, a dance, a sweet refrain. Accelerating heartbeats, headlights cutting through, Each drop a memory, in shades of grey and blue.

Chorus: Spring Rain Drive, on this road we come alive, Washing away the shadows, under the neon lights. With every turn, a splash, a story to revive, Spring Rain Drive, where our dreams survive.

Verse 2: Puddles mirror the sky, reflecting city glow, Through the storm we race, letting all our worries go. Droplets lace the air, a curtain of gentle might, In this world of wet asphalt, we find our flight.

Chorus: Spring Rain Drive, through the night, we dive, A journey under clouds, where our spirits thrive. Past the tears, the rain, together we strive, Spring Rain Drive, making love feel alive.

Bridge: As the tempest whispers, secrets it reveals, In the heart of the storm, is where healing feels. With every drop that falls, our past it seals, In the Spring Rain Drive, our future wheels.

Chorus: Spring Rain Drive, where hopes and dreams collide, Under the moon's watchful eyes, we glide. Through the rain, a path we carve with pride, Spring Rain Drive, in our hearts, we confide.


作詞作曲:葉月 結構いい曲かも❓ 少しだけでも聴いていってね❣️ #chatgpt #アイドル好きと繋がりたい #アニメ好きと繋がりたい

♬ Spring Rain - 葉月

#chatgpt #アイドル好きと繋がりたい #アニメ好きと繋がりたい

#ChatGPT #アニメ好きな人と繋がりたい #アイドル好きな人と繋がりたい